Saturday, January 21, 2017

Whole 30: Day 20

My journey with #januarywhole30 started the day after my 36th Birthday on January 2nd.  I have done 1 round of Whole 30 before and I felt great and lost some weight, I loved the rules, I stayed in the rules and I was successful.  I tried to eat Whole30 after that, but I have found with myself that once I open up the floodgates of eating sugar, I can't hold back.  I don't do well with moderation or just letting myself have a cheat meal every once in a while.  So on vacation last year and through the holidays, I ate like crap and I gained a lot of my weight back and I felt terrible.  Through all of this I have been doing crossfit, but crossfit doesn't counteract a bad diet.  So if I can have a great diet and do crossfit 3 times a week, I can take control.  Right now I am on Day 20 of Whole30.  I will admit the last week I have felt terrible.  Emotional, lethargic, depressed.  I have seen many people say oh it's not for everyone or oh you should just go back to how you ate before.  I do not believe that is the answer.  I believe that my body is coming off some very addictive sugar and I'm going through the detox/withdrawal process.  It sucks!  But I think if I can stick with this, it will only benefit me.  I do not believe the answer is to back to eating sugar and crap processed food.  I just think it is different for everyone and you should stay strong and committed.  I thought maybe getting my thoughts and feelings out would help.  I have never felt so close to caving in and having a drink or wanting a cookie!  But I am committed, I am strong, I can do this!  PS I am thankful for a wonderful husband who does this with me, helps with cooking the compliant meals, and let's me sleep or just not doing anything when I'm not feeling it.

I will post a picture below of Day 1 in pink and Day 19 in gray down 8.2lbs, there isn't a huge difference, but I can tell my stomach (biggest problem area) is going down

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