Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review of Hatchimals Colleggtibles Storage Organizer Pink

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Storage Organizer - My Egg Crate - Durable Carrying Case For Mini Eggs, Easter Eggs & Speckled Eggs - By Life Made Better - Pink 
by Life Made Better 

My 5 year old daughter is obsessed with Hatchimals.  We recently discovered the hatchimal eggs and so this carrying case was a no brainer!  She loves tiny toys, like shopkins and my little ponies, so this carrying case has been a great addition to her toy collection.  She can take her toys with her wherever we go without a huge hassle.  She loves the pink color!

I also got this case in green for my son, because he happens to love the little hatchimal eggs too!

I got this case in blue for my 5 year old nephew who likes mashems, which this is a perfect size for those too.

I got this case in dark red/dark pink for my niece for her 5th birthday.

Everyone loves these!

Review of Vremi Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Vremi 24 Oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - BPA Free Tritan Reusable Plastic Water Bottle with Fruit Infusion Insert Basket and Flip Top Leak Proof Lid for Flavor Infused Beverage Sports Drinks 
by Vremi 

I have tried a couple different fruit infuser water bottles and I have to say this one is my favorite.  I love that it is 24 ounces, because I drink so much water, I really prefer larger water bottles.  I especially love to put lemons in my water, but I prefer not to drink the pulp, so this is perfect for me!  The lid is indeed leak proof, so if it falls over you don't have to worry about it spilling.  Great water bottle :)

Review of Vremi Mason Jars with Handles, Lids, Straws

Vremi Mason Jars with Handles Lids and Straws - 20 Oz 4 Piece Wide Mouth Mason Jar Mugs Set with Colored Metal Lids and Holder - Decorative 1.25 Pint Glass Tumbler Set with Mason Jar Accessories 
by Vremi 

I LOVE Mason Jars!  So I really love these cute mason jars with handles, lids and straws!  I like to use glass for anything I can because of all the chemicals in plastic, so I was so excited to get these mason jars!  They are so great for entertaining, because they are all a different color you can easily tell who each mug belongs too.  My kids love them too :)  Also the packaging from vremi is the best, I love how they send everything I've ordered from them!

Review of Best Thermometer Oral and Rectal

Best Rectal Thermometer - Oral and Rectal Thermometer - iProven DTR-1221B with convenient temperature indication 
by iProvèn 

We love this thermometer, it works quickly and it's very easy to use.  My kids don't love their temperature being taken, and this makes it easier for us!  We have never tried the rectal method, my kids don't like that idea! lol  But we use it under arms and under the tongue and it works like a charm!  Another great product from iProven!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review of Premium Travel Pillow

Premium Travel Pillow, SLEEP WITH NO NECK PAIN, Super Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow EASY WASHING with removable cover by My Perfect Dreams by My Perfect Dreams
Premium Travel Pillow, SLEEP WITH NO NECK PAIN, Super Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow EASY WASHING with removable cover by My Perfect Dreams 
by My Perfect Dreams 

This is the softest travel pillow I've ever used!  I am so excited to have this for long road trips and airplane trips.  Every time we take a road trip, I sleep so uncomfortably.  This pillow is going to make my life so much better when we go on vacation.  I tried it out at home and took a nap in my chair using this pillow and I felt so supported.  I am so excited about this and I will have to hide it from my kids!

Review of Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer and Juicer

Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer with Juicer and Peeler Bundle - 2-IN-1 Veggie Cutter Zucchini Noodle Pasta Maker for Healthy Spaghetti Zoodles - Best Kitchen Spiralizers Julienne Vegetables 
by Fullstar 

I need to juice oranges, lemons, limes for certain recipes.  I've never had a juicer before and this makes it so easy and the container has measuring marks so you know how much juice you have.  I am very happy with that aspect of this juicer!  The spiralizer is great too, I like to make a lot of zoodles and carrots this way and it's so easy when you have a tool like this to help.  It is easy to take apart to clean and put back together.  I am very happy with this purchase!

Review of Natureganics Mega BCAA

Natureganics MEGA BCAA Amino Acids Dietary Supplement, 1600 mg, 60 Capsules 
by Natureganics 

I do crossfit a few days a week and I thought these pills might help me with energy during my workouts.  I did notice a boost and I didn't feel jittery.  I am hoping these help me to build muscle and get leaner.  Overall a good product!