Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rose Oil Absolute-Review

Rose Oil Absolute - Rosa Damascena - 100% Pure and Natural - Undiluted 1 fl ounce with Glass Dropper - Benefits for Mood, Skin and Immunity - Premium Select by Essential Oil Labs 
by Essential Oil Labs 

I was able to purchase this item at a discount, and I wanted to offer my review.

Unfortunately I cannot give this Rose Oil a good review at all.  It does not smell like true rose oil, it smells like perfume and it smells terrible.  I wouldn't recommend using this oil for anything.

If you want to get the best quality rose oil, I would recommend Young Livings, it is expensive, but you get what you paid for.  I know this post isn't supposed to be about Young Living, but if you want Rose Oil that is the only one I would recommend using.  Because all uses for Rose oil involve using them on  your skin or ingesting or aromatically.

If you want to try some Young Living Oils sign up here:

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