Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review of xtava Double Shine Ionic Hair Dryer

xtava Double Shine Ionic Hair Dryer 
by xtava 

I was able to purchase this item at a discount, and I wanted to offer my review:

Like I always say, I LOVE xtava products and packaging and this hair dryer did not disappoint! This is not my first xtava hairdryer and I knew it would be great, and now my daughter and I don't have to fight over hairdryers.  This hair dryer is awesome because it has the ion buttons, my hair tends to be frizzy so I like to use the sleek feature.  I also like to use the perfect hair switch.  It has a cold shot that you can turn on if it's getting too hot as well.  It does come with a diffuser and also a nozzle for more precision styling.  I haven't tried the diffuser yet, but I think I will because I can't seem to wear my hair curly anymore and I'd like to see if a diffuser would help.  This is a wonderful hairdryer and I can't wait to try all the rest of the features.

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