Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of Lemon Essential Oil by Pure Body Naturals

Lemon Essential Oil for Aromatherapy, 5x Extra Strength, 1 fl. oz by Pure Body Naturals 
by Pure Body Naturals 

I was able to receive this item at a discount, and I wanted to offer my review:

This is not a high quality lemon oil.  However I will keep it around, lemon oil is known to be a "goo gone" so I will keep it for cases like that and save my YL lemon oil for the other uses.  I will say it can also be used in cleaner, so I think I would be ok using it to clean my bathroom and other areas of my house.  It would be better than toxin filled cleaners.

If you are interested in learning about lemon oil that is safe to touch and safe for dietary purposes, you should look into Young Living!  They have a dietary line of oils called vitality.

If you ever have questions about Young Living please email me at

If you are interested in Young Living my link is below.

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