Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of 32oz Water Bottle by Run Baby Sport

Water Bottle BPA Free: Large 32 oz Sports Water Bottles, with Easy Screw/ No Leak Hinged Cap For Convenient Hydration, For All Sport & Outdoor Activities by Run Baby Sport 
by Run Baby Sport 

I was able to receive this item at a discount and I wanted to offer my review:

This is a really awesome water bottle, I LOVE that it is 32 oz, I have a hard time finding large water bottles that you can still carry around.  This has a circle that I use to put my finger through to carry it.  The top screws off and on so it is secure when you carry it or drop it and the water doesn't spill out. I have dropped it a couple of times and you can't even tell!  I was shocked, I dropped it once when it was full and I thought for sure it would crack, but it didn't.  I love this water bottle, I drink a lot of water so the bigger the bottle the better for me!

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