Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of Bottle Stake Set Plant Watering Sticks

Bottle Stake Set - Bonus Planting Seeds Guide and Instructions - Reusable Watering Plant Watering Sticks 
by Ramini Brands 

I received this item at a discount and I wanted to offer my review:

I have to say where I live it is very cold right now, so I don't have my garden going yet.  But these stakes are going to be really helpful this summer with our garden.  Especially when we need to go out of town.  I'm hoping that we can use a 2 liter bottle and poke small holes in our stakes for a slow watering that will last a while.  It will also be great because the water will go in below to the roots instead of on top of the soil to the leaves.  I've seen similar things you can make yourself that I thought about doing last year, so I'm really happy to have these this year before I start my garden.  Depending on the size of garden we have I might have to buy a couple more sets of these!


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