Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of Argan Oil Hair Mask by Pure Body Naturals

Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz. Hair Treatment Therapy, Deep Conditioner for Damaged & Dry Hair, Heals & Restructures Hair Shaft & Growth, Detoxifies Scalp & Nourishes, Removes Products Residue Buildup 
by Pure Body Naturals 

I was able to receive this item at a discount, and I wanted to offer my review:

I have never used a hair mask before, so I was kind of nervous to try this.  I was worried it would leave my hair feeling weighed down and oily.  After using this argan oil hair mask, I actually felt the opposite, my hair felt lighter.  My hair is normally kind of frizzy but this calmed it down and made it shiny and smooth.  The label says you can use it once or twice a week, so I will most likely be using it twice!  I tend to get an itchy scalp after using too much hair product and I am really hoping this is the solution that fixes that!

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