Friday, December 30, 2016

Review of Milk Thistle Capsules by Divine Bounty

Review of:

Pure Milk Thistle Capsules - A Potent 1200mg Milk Thistle Supplement with 4X Concentrated Extract (Standardized) 120 Vegetarian Capsules

I was able to purchase this item at a discount and I wanted to offer my review.

I am really into cleansing my body of toxins and I read that milk thistle can help with this.

I read that this can help with cleansing the liver and that is one of the most important organs to cleanse in the body. 

I try to eat a really good diet, but I've noticed that when I eat a terrible diet (like through the holidays) this helps it not affect me as bad, along with some digestive enzymes that I take.  I am happy with the results I've seen taking this product and I'm looking forward to seeing how this will help me when I go back to my strict diet.  The pills aren't took big, I've got a picture below:

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