Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review of Vremi 18oz Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack

Vremi 18 oz Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack - Glass Bottles with Lids for Juicing or Beverage Storage - Set of 6 Glass Beverage Bottles - Clear Reusable Bottles Stainless Steel Caps Colored Carrying Loops
by Vremi 

I was able to purchase this item at a discount, and I wanted to offer my review.

I love glass water bottles, because I can use my oils in them.  So I was really excited to get these water bottles.  I can also share them since there are 6 in package.  I needed reusable water bottles because I don't like to drink the water at my work and I don't like to buy cases of bottled water.  So these are perfect for me.  They are also really good quality, I did drop one, not on purpose, I"m just clumsy and I didn't break!! I seem to drop every water bottle that I own, so that is a HUGE plus for me!  I love vremi products!

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