Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review of Lena Menstrual Cup Small

LENA Menstrual Cup - FDA Registered - Small - Normal Flow - Pink - A Better Period 
by Lena 

I purchased this menstrual cup, size small for my teenage daughter.  She wanted to have an option for swim class and summer swimming, and she was interested in trying a tampon.  So I go the size small for her, pre childbirth and all that.  I will admit she was really nervous to try this, but she did eventually get it figured out and she really likes it.  She doesn't love wearing pads so I think this will be a good option for her especially because she is athletic and plays a lot of sports and it's uncomfortable wearing a pad.  She did say it took a few times to get it in right, but once you get that seal you know you don't have to worry about leaks.  Overall we are pleased with this product and I'm glad that they offer different varieties and sizes.  She also loves that it is pink!

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